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Shengfeng was founded in 2009, and we have been in this field for more than 12 years.We have previously focused on domestic trade in China and eventually achieved the industry’s top ten, annual sales of more than 100 million.In 2016, we intended to let the world hear the voice from Shengfeng, so we established the foreign trade department, which is why you can see the reason for this site.

We see that today there are also many factories and wholesalers internationally. However, their production and technology levels are still stuck at a few years old.

In fact, the production equipment of paper bags has been upgraded in recent years, and hope our advanced technology can inject fresh blood into this market.

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Learn more about the daily work of our employees. So that you can understand more about the details of production.

Why choose us

Use 100% recyclable material

Non-toxic and Eco-friendly material.

Toughness and high bear capacity.

Hot melt glue from German Henkel

Henkel hot melt glue with two ways reinforcement method.

Keeps the bag more durable and not easy to come unguled.

Non-toxic water-based ink

Non-toxic water-based ink is odor non-corrosiveness and safer.

And printing is vivid and beautiful  to improve brand image and attract more customers.


Durable handles&bottom

Twisted paper handles are secured to the inside of the bag with reinforced patches. 

Which make them  very strong and suitable for heavy objects.

Customized size

Large, medium, small, any size you want, machine paper bags, hand folded, for a variety of needs.

Large volume discounts

The higher the quantity, the better the price, and we strive to get you the best price.

More willing to listen

The logistics were fast and my customers were happy with the printing, which led me to get continuous orders. I hope you will always provide high quality service.
Frank quinn
From the point of view of service and professionalism, I am satisfied overall, the samples are very nice, and the design department of this company is very efficient.
Marie Shaid
I love this powerful team, they are professional and considerate. With their excellent cooperation, I completed the purchase. And I will certainly purchase again.
Fernando Witton
brown paper bag


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